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"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful
citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is
the only thing that ever has."

The overwhelming need for housing in Clay County has provided us with a unique opportunity to change lives in our neighborhoods. In our market, Habitat for Humanity is one of the few affordable homeownership programs that serves families earning less than 60% of the median family income. Cost burden and overcrowding are the most serious problems experienced by very low-income area residents. Over 17 million people in the United States paid more than 1/2 their incomes for housing in 2006.

Full time salary is $2,591/month.*
Fair market rent is $1,138/month.**
See any problem?

Working with volunteers, families, corporations, congregations, and donors we are able to tackle this important housing issue throughout the area. We are dedicated to making homeownership possible for low-income, working families.

What does low-income look like? Who Do We Serve? Who Might We Serve? Did You Know?

Raising a wall

We offer a hand up, not a hand out. We do not give away our houses. Through volunteer labor and donations of money and materials, Habitat builds and rehabilitates simple, decent houses with the help of the homeowner (partner) families. We require our Habitat homeowners to invest 250-500 hours of "sweat equity" to help build their home and they must each qualify for the 0% interest mortgage. The homeowners' monthly mortgage payments are used to build still more Habitat houses.

With SHIP as a partner to CCHH when funding is available, partner families become homeowners who pay property taxes, which benefits the county. For the homeowner, the accumulation of assets can be essential to breaking the intergenerational cycle of poverty. Assets at the individual family level - such as a home or an education - provide a way out of poverty because they are not simply consumed; they endure and can be passed on from generation to generation. When a family owns assets, it has the means to survive economic hardship today and provide security for tomorrow. Assets at the neighborhood level, such as permanently affordable housing or employment opportunities, are an essential part of strong and vibrant neighborhoods. As CCHH moves through the community, run down homes are replaced with appealing, quality CCHH homes that boost market values in the neighborhood.

Since 1977 we have built houses in neighborhoods throughout Clay County. Shelter is a basic human need, and Habitat strives to achieve its goal of eliminating poverty housing and making decent, affordable homes a reality for all families.

*2009 SHIP County average median income/HUD.
**2009 HUD Fair market rent - 3 bdrm.

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