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Apply for Home Ownership

"Sweat equity reduces the monetary cost of the house,
increases the personal stake of the family members in
their house, and fosters the development of
partnerships with other people in the community."

This is not a give-away program but a joint venture – selected Partner Families (homeowners) are involved in all aspects of the work. Each participant is required to invest 250-500 hours of "sweat equity" into the construction of their own and other Habitat for Humanity homes. Partner Families qualify for a zero interest, 20 to 25 year mortgage with adequate income and decent, fixable credit, and a down payment. The sweat equity and down payment must be achieved before they are allowed to move into their new home.

Selection of families is non-discriminatory. Race, color, ethnic origin, religion, sex, and family composition are not factors. In addition, house plans are modified for those individuals that are physically challenged.

New Home - New Hope

What are the requirements I need to meet?
Our Selection Committee selects potential Partner Families for homeownership according to the following criteria:

  1. Substandard living conditions
    • Applicant would be currently coping with substandard living conditions which relate to overcrowding, dangerous living conditions, heating, water, electricity, bathroom facilities, plumbing or structural deficiencies or have an outlay of more than 40% of income for housing.
  2. Ability to make adequate monthly house payments.
    • Applicants must meet CCHH's current income guidelines - Income must be at least $1,700 per month ($20, 400 per year).
    • Applicants must have decent, fixable credit, with no judgments, liens, etc.
    • Applicants must pay a down payment of $1,000 (submitted in payments).
    • If Applicants have declared bankruptcy, it must have been discharged at least one year ago.
  3. Willingness to partner with Clay County Habitat for Humanity.
    • Applicants must invest 250-500 hours of sweat equity in building their own home and those of their future neighbors.
    • Applicants must demonstrate willingness and ability to maintain their Habitat for Humanity home properly.

In addition, you must live or work in Clay County for at least one year in order to be eligible for housing, and be willing to relocate where CCHH is building homes.

How do I apply?
If you are interested in applying for a CCHH home, the first step is being pre-screened to determine if you are eligible for the Habitat program.

Call (904) 282-7590, ext 204 and ask if there are open applications. If there are open applications, you will discuss your current living situation and we'll determine if you pre-qualify. If there are no open applications, you will be asked to call back and check with us in the future.

If you pre-qualify, the next step is to fulfill 8 volunteers hour (one workday) per applicant on a CCHH worksite - this requirement allows you the opportunity to see what going through the program will be like.

After your workday, if there are open applications, we will schedule an appointment for you in our office.

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